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sabean example

In Sabean language "YAMANAT" means: the good and benedict (or blessing) and is written as

meaning: " T N M Y ". Only the consonants are used and the writing is from right to left as in Arabic.

About the end of the 3rd century A.D. the Himyarite king Shammar Yahra'ash occupied Hadramawt, annexed it to his kingdom, and bore the royal title:
King of Saba, Du-Raydan, Hadramawt and Yamanat.
This king paved the way for the establishment of the Himyarite empire that ultimately reached its apex during the reign of Abu Karib As'ad, who gained fame under the name As'ad al-Kamil in the early 5th century AD. He and his successors bore the same title but also ruled over the Bedouins in the Tihama (= Red Sea coastal area) and the Tawdum (= highland).


Al Arouke,
the roots of Mohammed


alis toys
Ali's favorites


Inside a Thuringian forest,
the roots of Kurt.
(painting by Minke, sister of Kurt)

sah approach
Final approach Sana'a,
runway 36

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probably the best tour operator in this fascinating country

About us

AMANAT TOURS is a registered travel agency and touring company in Yemen.
It offers and organizes tours, trips, trekkings, or any other desired activity in Yemen for individuals, smaller or larger groups.

The company has a long experience in guiding and accompanying tourists from all over the world. The tourism in Yemen is the main source of income for the company, but many other people interested in the country like scientists, nature lovers, or just adventurers seeking something special and out of the ordinary, have sought the guidance and advice of Yamanat Tours.

Yamanat Tours offers programs for groups or individuals, with English, German, French, Italian or Spanish speaking guides. You will visit the most fascinating places in the country while learning about the nature, history, and culture of Yemen. To maximize the enjoyment of your trip, Yamanat tour groups are kept small.

The length of your trip can vary from a few days to one month. Accommodation will be provided in reputable hotels or typical Yemeni funduqs. For a nomadic experience, we may camp at beautiful, quiet places in the mountains and wadis, on sandy beaches or in the desert where you can spend the night under the stars. Besides visiting places in our all terrain vehicles, you can experience some areas on foot. Walks offered by Yamanat Tours can vary from short, easy strolls of a few hours to rugged treks lasting days. With Yamanat Tours, you will enjoy the fascinating nature of the countryside, visit ancient villages and cities, shop in local markets, and enjoy the hospitality of rural families. Whatever you choose to do, you will have the time of your life.

Some interesting places that can be visited include:


It is the largest preserved medina in the Arab world. You can admire the old city centre with its suques (markets), gates, wall, and caravanceries.


Called the Manhattan of the Desert, Shibam is home to the oldest skyscrapers in the world. These high houses were built of stone and mud, between 100 and 300 years ago. These 500 traditional houses are crammed together into a half square kilometre like a big castle in the middle of the Wadi Hadramaout. In 1984 UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.


Like a fortress, this picturesque mountain village is perched on a steep rocky mountain. It is located in the Haraz region near Sanaa and offers excellent views of the mountains with their small villages and terraces.

Socotra Island

Also called the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, it is the island with the fourth largest variety of flora and fauna in the world. These include the huge, endemic Dragonbloodtree, Myrrh and Frankincense.

Prices for the trips are very reasonable, and depend on the duration of the trip and size of the group. We do not have fixed programs and timetables; trips will be organized on request and programs will be tailored to the wishes of the costumers. We let our clients decide what they want. Our credo is:

You tell us what you like to see, how to travel, etc. and we will do our utmost best in fulfilling your wishes.
In the chapters


of this site we present some suggestions for visiting other beautiful and interesting places.


 elow are the the three permanent staff members of the company. Depending on programs and demand other employees, like drivers, guides, cooks, skippers or village hosts, are added to the payroll. Besides these permanent members there are always 1 or 2 office assistants to help you if none of us, for one reason or the other, is not available.

mohamed_shaif Mohamed Shaif - Director

Highly educated, Mohamed is our true expert on everything about Yemen. He is the one who started the company. Before that he acted as a guide for several European travel agencies. He was (and still is) considered the best around. He is well known for his smooth way of operating.The IgoUgo travel review site has an article about his way of operating and taking care of his clients. We suggest reading this.
He is very flexible, has an open ear and mind for new suggestions and will do his utmost best to change plans, and adapt prices accordlingy. There are of course sometimes limits on what he can do, for example when he has made some strict arrangements with airline companies, hotel owners, etc. Still, it is amazing the way he can arrange or fix most things. It has something to do with his diplomatic behaviour, his sense of humor, but also, and that is very important in a country like Yemen, the many contacts he has with all kinds of people, from the military to the police, from diplomats, goverment officials to the most simple farmers. And, although he is a charming man, he has a certain way of operating with authority. I always wonder how he does it.

His roots can be found in Al AROUKE, a small village in the high mountains south of TAI'Z, where he was born in 1963. He now lives in SANA'A, the capital of Yemen. Though he is proud of his ancestry and a true patriot, he has a lot to say about Yemen society. Ask him a question and he'll answer voluble, even so that sometimes one fears he'll never stop. He is very polite, is always concerned for the wellbeing of his customers and can be trusted implicitly.

ali Ali Shaif - General Manager

This is Ali, our GM and eldest son of Mohamed, working quietly behind the scenes. Contacting him is not so easy. When he is not on the phone dealing with complex Yemeni matters or playing soccer, he likes to fool around with 4-wheel drives and as such is of priceless value in a country where the terrain is often difficult. He has a firm grip on the company and its inner workings. We all love and respect him, but like a true Yemeni he sometimes spends too much of our hard earned money for his personal needs instead of investing it into the company.

kurt Kurt Perthel - Webmaster & Marketing assistant

After a career in the IT business and having spent many holidays in Yemen, he decided to join the company for the aquisition of customers in Europe. This website is one example of his efforts. His hobbies are personal computing (pc's, etc), flying a Cessna or a Boeing 737 with Microsoft's Flight Simulator, and of course Yemen.
The picture on the left was taken February 2001 when he was 56 years old. Don't be mistaken about the gun. After nearly shooting some people at a picnic (due to a faulty trigger), he decided never to touch a gun again, certainly not in a country like Yemen where most of these are in the hands of private individuals with, one has to fear, rather sloppy habits of maintenance.
His roots lie in the forests of Thuringia, Germany. He now lives with his wife in a small Dutch town.