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The Socotra (also spelled as Soqotra or Soqutra) archipelago is part of the Republic of Yemen and is located some 400 km south of the Arabian peninsula. It consists of the main island of Socotra (3625 sq.km, appr. 120 km E-W and 40 km N-S) and three smaller islands to the west. The long geological isolation of the island has resulted in very high endemism. Being the only home for over 300 species of wildlife, it has become a site of global importance for biodiversity conservation. The archipelago is currently a proposed UNESCO world heritage site and a proposed man and biosphere reserve. There are a few hotels/resthouses all located in HADIBOH. Camping is the only way to stay overnight outside Hadiboh. The islands are considered a paradise for scientists and nature lovers. Visitors activities include tours with 4WD's, on foot, on camels. This in addition to swimming, snorkling, fishing, beachcombing, bird watching and wildlife photography.