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What we do
(for example):
accompanying tourists
accompany groups

having fun
have fun with our customers

What we do not:
herd those camels

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What we do

 f the many possibilities on how to spend your time in Yemen, we mention just a few:

  • trekking
  • touring and sightseeing
  • camping
  • cultural trips
  • snorcling
  • sailing
  • fishing

Whether you are the tourist just looking for a wonderful time to spend the holidays, a scientist, naturelover, adventurer, student, etc., we can help you in achieving whatever you have in mind.
Contrary to most other European or Yemeni travel agencies we don't have fixed programs and time schedules.

Would you rather like to relax in the mountains for a while, chewing qat with the local people? Ride a camel through the desert? Polish you school Arabic amidst an Arab community? We will arrange it for you.
And although we do not adhere to fixed programs we can make some suggestions. These you will find in chapter Itineraries or under the button Download above, but always keep in mind: you are our guest and it is you who decides what, when, how and where things have to be done. The suggested programs therefore can always be adapted to your wishes. What we don't have (yet) are contracts with foreign airline companies. So you will have to obtain flight tickets to and from Yemen yourself. Of course we can help you in getting them. We know which companies have regular flights to Yemen and about fares. And we will always be ready to get you from or to any Yemeni airport.